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GMS – Gas Marketing System

Gas Marketing System (GMS)

GMS is a Microsoft based system that manages the gas marketing process. It includes:

  1. Deals Module, including deal terms, counter parties, deal summary
  2. Deal Term Module, including facility, deal type, term, term dates, delivery point, volume,  pricing, bid/acceptance status, counter party
  3. Deal Summary Grid – a dashboard of significant deal terms
  4. Transportation Contracts Module
  5. Nominations Module; including summary of purchase deals, summary of sales deals, nomination input area
  6. Confirmations

Exigent’s Gas Marketing System (GMS) has all the functionality for a Marketing Department to manage gas contracts, and the day-to-day functions of gas control.

In the gas balancing module, the system allows producers to produce gas into various upstream gathering systems and take the gas in-kind at the tailgate of the plant for delivery into multiple pipelines. Functionality includes ability to record producer nominations at the wellhead (or common delivery point) and calculate the net volume of gas to be delivered to the pipelines. The net volume of gas delivered to the pipelines includes reductions for field fuel (if any), plant fuel, shrink, loss and contract sharing percentages (if applicable).

In the GMS contracts module, the system provides the ability to setup contracts, and then maintain bids, deals and agreements for gas marketing customers.  This includes deal terms, including type of sale, term of sale, delivery point requirements, volume requirements and pricing.

Screenshot of Gas Marketing System from Exigent Info Solutions The system enables producers to nominate volumes at their meters via a web interface, and indicate the pipeline and transportation agreement to which the calculated net delivery volume should be delivered. The plant operator nominates the calculated net delivery volumes to each pipeline by transportation agreement in accordance with the producer nominations and nominates any other expected volumes to be delivered to each pipeline. The other expected volumes would be comprised of volumes from other producers for which plant operator is marketing the gas and volumes due plant operator under percentage of proceeds contracts where the producer is taking gas in-kind.

The GMS system tracks daily imbalances by owner and provides information to manage the daily nomination of volumes by owner. It maintains daily nominations, including delivery point, nomination dates, associated transportation contract numbers, volumes and classifications by type of sale. It allocates daily delivery point volumes to CDPs / meters. Allocates confirmed monthly nominations or actual gas flows to contracts. It balances allocated daily delivery point volumes by owner to owner daily nominations.

The GMS system also tracks monthly imbalances by owner. It allocates monthly delivery point volumes to CDPs meters. It allocates meter monthly delivery point volumes to producers for each meter. Finally, it compares allocated monthly delivery point volumes by owner to owner daily nominations.

The GMS system interfaces with the accounting system for invoicing purposes. It generates invoices to customers on a monthly basis. It also exports sales invoice information in a format compatible for uploading into accounting system.

With regard to reporting functionality, GMS can generate sales reports based on flexible criteria including delivery point, market or type of price. It generates nomination reports based on flexible criteria including delivery point, upstream or downstream transportation contracts. It can send email confirmations, nominations or other reports to contacts.


What Our Clients Say

Kathy Black, Plant Settlement Accountant – Momentum Energy

I would highly recommend GPIS and the Exigent team for anyone who is looking for a plant settlement solution that can be tailored to the unique needs of any system at a very reasonable cost.

Charles Jozwik, Assistant Controller – True Companies

Prior to implementing GPIS our plant settlement was done entirely in Excel workbooks. The use of GPIS has assisted in creating checklists and cutting our total time spent on plant settlement in half. The team at Exigent helped to have a smooth GPIS implementation & support issues are handled very timely.

Fred Abernathy, Sr. Revenue Accountant – Crestone Peak Resources

Before using GPIS we had 2 employees working on a long, frustrating, and expensive process trying to get accurate information from our data. After implementing GPIS, we were able to increase the quality and accuracy of our data with only 1 full time employee.

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